Memory courses:

learn to remember,
reliably and without limit.

I offer courses that teach how to use memory techniques for the most varied applications. The most important ones are using the techniques for school and studying and for job-related tasks. While it is possible to book single hours, most clients choose one of my packages. 

Choosing a package is cheaper and makes more sense because get all in one neatly tailored course structure. I also offer long-time consultation with a monthly fee.

Basic memory course

This course consists of 5 lessons with a duration of 45 minutes each. Can be extended to 7 lessons on demand.

Recommended for anybody who is new to memory techniques but also very useful for those who have tried to self-teach the techniques before based on some book or YT video and who have not managed to do so. 

This course is the foundation for all other courses.

advanced memory course

7 lessons with 45 minutes each. For those who have already mastered the basics. Get even more efficient, tackle new topics and remember all the data. 

In-depth names and faces, memorize presentations, keep arguments and important points in your mind in meetings of all kinds. 

Master job interviews by keeping calm and clear, with all the info ready. Excel at exams with specific advice how to get a crucial edge in the “university competition”, using my techniques. 

Includes a set of 200 handpicked location photographs as a template for good loci. 

School package

7 lessons with 45 minutes each. Start loving to learn new information! 

Get better grades with ease by always knowing the answer!

This course combines all the advantages of the Basic Course with an approach focused on the necessities of school subjects and exams. 

School package plus

9 lessons with 45 minutes each. If you want the very best for your child, choose this. 

Has all the advantages of the School Package and in addition includes two lessons of Peak Performance Training from a multiple world champion: 

I have aced all my exams and have always performed in competitions. 

I know how to show the best performance when it counts. 

university package

9 lessons with 45 minutes each. Memorize everything you need to succeed with the 9 lessons and my proven method. 

Memory techniques for the information age: 

Get the best grades and be in line for the best jobs afterwards! Includes also special units for exam preparation tactics and peak performance training.

university package Plus

11 lessons with 45 minutes each. For the very ambitious who want the little extra down the stretch. Combines the advantages of the trusted University Package with additional special units for exam preparation tactics and Peak Performance training.

language learning package

7 lessons of 45 minutes each. Memorize new vocabulary fast and reliably, always know the important grammar and suffixes. 

Learn every language much faster and KEEP THAT LEVEL FOREVER with memory techniques as your language learning turbo. 

Course will be finetuned and tailored to the specific language.

consultation package: Month/YEar

You want a world champion “on speed dial”? You need constant advice during a longer project? 

Your employees have taken a course and want to get into more details? 

Efficiency is the best goal there is. 

Book this package and you get: up to 10 mails per month plus a free 30 min video call. Fee applies for one month. Lower rates if booked per year. 

Get all the memory wisdom you need, whenever you need it.

consultation package: lifetime

For the client that wants the most exclusive I have to offer:

the advantages of the personal Consultation Package, but for life. 

Yes, you have read correctly. Up to 10 mails per month and a free video call of 30 min. Price on request.

special Packages

You have a special task that MUST excel in and you do not know what to do to improve? Then this package might be for you. 

Examples: I have taught a poker millionaire how to keep all the odds for all situations in his mind. I have taught an artist how to memorize the objects he draws in more detail and clearer, leading to an increase in skill. 

The application are limitless. Just ask me and I will have the solution.