You Can Remember Everything.

Learn from a World Champion.

Memory is a skill you can learn.
Let me help you with that.

Let a two-times World Champion teach you his great secret: memory techniques. What are “memory techniques”? A very powerful tool, already used by the Ancient Romans. Everybody can learn it. What can you do with it? It does not matter what you want to memorize: with these techniques you will be able to memorize it much more accurately and reliably. I did it myself and placed in the top 7.5% of both of my Law Exams.

After you have learned memory techniques my way, learning will never be the same again. Say goodbye to the tediousness of reading your information again and again and again and again. Say goodbye to hectic last minute cramming. Say goodbye to exam panic or nervousness in meetings.

It does not matter who you are: a pupil, a university student of Medicine, Law, Engineering or any other subject, a doctor, a tax consultant, an auditor, a lawyer, an employee, a manager or a CEO of a large company. Everybody can profit immensely from these techniques. I have even once taught a painter and a poker millionaire. 

And a special niche I am very fond of is teaching how to memorize Chess information with my techniques. I have combined my personal Chess understanding with memory techniques and developed the Reinhard Method to let chess players memorize everything better: opening, endgames, middlegame plans, setups and ideas, you name it. Among my students have been many titled players, also two 2600+ Grandmasters. 

Whatever you want to learn, I offer a free orientation call before the first lesson, so that we can discuss what you want to achieve. 

Simon Reinhard
2x World Champion of Memory (ML)

Your Memory is your most valuable asset. Maximize it.

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